Training and instruction available for the serious rider, regardless of their level. It is important to have a positive mindset and the will to learn and grow. Susan pays special attention to the riders position and effectiveness in communicating with their horse. Dressage is a sport of harmony, precision, patience, and trust…all of which she aims to develop between the horse and their rider. Susan is a positive, encouraging, focused trainer whether she is mounted on a horse or helping from the ground.

The process

Susan and Ighani Sporthorses believe that the horse needs to stay mentally and physically fit. That means giving them the opportunity to be out of their stall throughout the day and see difference places. They should be expose to various activities when training, such as hacks, lunging, caveletti work and riding in the open. Each horse is evaluated on a specific basis. Based on their individual needs the right program is developed.

Dressage lessons are also available for Jumper and Eventing riders who wish to strengthen their flat work for better results over the fences. Having worked with numerous jumpers (young horses through Grand Prix), and having been a successful eventer, Susan has seen what a significant difference it makes in the show ring. A relaxed, supple horse that truly understands the riders aids becomes a much more responsive and capable jumper when asked to do their job.

Toyon Farm is situated on 80 acres which include 35 acres of grapes. There are 3 arenas for schooling, 1 indoor and two outdoor, as well as 2 round pens for longing, both under cover with lights. 2 of the riding arenas and one of the round pens are equipped with Pinnacle footing by Attwood Equestrian Surfaces. The indoor arena has full mirrors on one side. Boarders also have access to trails throughout the vineyards.

In the barn, there are 30 stalls, 9 grooming areas, 3 tackrooms, lockers and a viewing lounge overlooking the indoor arena.

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Come join Team Ighani Sporthorses for a positive and productive approach to dressage where we have the knowledge to help you grow and the passion to help you enjoy the process!!! Ighani Sporthorses offers Full Training and Care Programs for new clients and horses. Sale horse opportunities available for qualified horses. 

 EMAIL or call Susan: (302) 740-3429