Sonoma Academy Equestrian Team in the IEA National Spotlight


"It was a hot and humid weekend (with moments of torrential rain) at the IEA National Finals in Wellington, Florida where over 300 Middle and High School team riders came from all over the country to compete. SA Equestrian Team rider, Ransome Rombauer ’17 joined the few riders in IEA history to capture “The Triple Crown” of winning the Varsity Open Equitation on the Flat Championship and the Varsity Open Equitation Championship (Over Fences Phase and Flat Phase) as well as the 2015 IEA Nationals High Point Rider.

This was an exciting weekend as Rombauer was expecting to only compete in the Varsity Open Equitation on the Flat Championship (on Friday), but as it turned out – her win automatically qualified her for the Varsity Open Equitation Championship (Saturday)  which included a course Over Fences and a Flat Phase. Rombauer was standing 2nd after the Over Fences Phase with a score of 81, but came back strong during the Flat Phase that included many transitions, extensions and changes of direction, half of which were requested “without irons/stirrups”.

This strong performance on the flat moved her far enough up the rankings to bridge the 4 point gap between her and the leader over fences which gave Rombauer the win."

- Sonoma academy for the IEA national spotlight